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Feeding the important things in life

” Nothing quite compares to the first four gifts of life- Eye contact, a smile, a warm hug, and a great meal” – Danny Meyer

If you’ve ever spent time with me, there’s a good change that you’ve experienced these four gifts along with some hug jumping. It’s no secret that most of our relationships both begin and grow around food. Most first dates involve a meal, anniversaries are celebrated over dinner, and holidays are celebrated with a favorite sweet treat or snack. Dating back thousands of years, new marriages were celebrated with a feast that lasted for days and friends gathered in each others homes to break bread together. I believe that these traditions are valuable and worth keeping!

Our bodies, like relationships, deserve to be fed good quality meals that are well thought out and balanced. We require protein, carbohydrate and fat at regular intervals. We don’t function properly if only fed protein once a day or if low glycemic index carbohydrates (vegetables, berries and nuts are all examples of this) are skipped for days at a time. We need balance in our relationships as much as we do in our bodies. We have to set aside time to enjoy each other, as well as to complete tasks that have to be done each day. Sometimes, these can be combined! Our Saturday morning Sinatra Saturday’s are a perfect example of this. Our family sets aside time to prepare food all together while we dance and sing along to Sinatra. We also need quieter time to grow a relationship, no matter how many days, months or years you have spent with someone.

This Valentines Day, I encourage you to set aside some time to spend with someone you love (your sweetie, a friend, your child or even a parent) and make sure they know how much you appreciate them. One way to let them know how loved they are is to shower them with these chocolate covered strawberries. It’s OK to sample a few while you’re making them to share, it will be our little secret!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

A sweet treat to share with your sweetheart!

Ingredients 12 strawberries 3-4 ounces high quality dark chocolate (72% cacao or higher) 1 tsp coconut oil or butter


  1. Melt chocolate in 1 tsp coconut oil or butter in saucepan on low heat

  2. Dip strawberries, one at a time

  3. Place on a plate lined with wax or parchment paper

  4. Refrigerate until chocolate hardens

Notes Serve with coconut ice-cream or just alone on a platter.

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