Vital Health Protocols

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Help more patients with complicated cases while maximizing your time and increasing cash-based revenue to your practice

Here's what you will learn ...


The clinical implications and protocols for chronic disease


Prevent and reverse heart disease...
Metabolic syndrome
Chronic disease

Communicate clearly with your patients



Learn the 5 big questions to ask patients using a simple and concise script to explain lab findings so the patient really understands
A simple report of lab findings so you can implement them immediately


Leading Edge Ideas




A nutritional program based on genetics, advanced lab markers, and physiological findings. The methods Vital Health Protocols use and recommend healthy lifestyle modifications that include nutritional supplementation and a whole food purposeful eating plan.

  • Functional Medicine 101

  • Functional Labs 101

  • Nutrigenomics 101

  • Project Selfy

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  • Better Marketing Blueprint

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Let Food be

Thy Medicine and

Medicine be Thy