Dr. Perry Barnhill

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Coach, Compliance, Chiro


Dr. Barnhill is one of only a handful of doctors who also possesses certifications in auditing, coding, and compliance.


He is a certified professional coder (CPC), a certified professional medical auditor (CPMA), and a certified professional compliance officer (CPCO), in addition to his doctorate in Chiropractic,


Dr. Barnhill brings this uniqueness combined with his 20 years of practice a perspective that few others could share. He is a sought-after speaker and consultant for other doctors, therapists, and coders alike.  He is a member of the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) and National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists 



Dr. Perry Barnhill is an expert in

-how to bullet-proof your practice

-increase your revenue

-how easily be in compliance with HIPAA and insurance & more!


This is great info for both new and experienced Docs and it can save you the headaches of dealing with compliance issues after the fact.