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Discover Why Functional Wellness and Advanced Lab Markers are Your Next Best Opportunity in  Your Practice

Plus, discover how one doc got a 40x return after taking the onlineVHP.com course 


If you want to go to the next level with Functional Wellness, Functional Nutrition and you really want to add a new service to your practice without increasing your overhead, help you transition from insurance based work to cash, and gain better work-life balance without being tied down then check out this webinar it is exactly what you want...


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Meet Our Team


Dr. Julie McLaughlin has dedicated her careers to helping people achieve their optimal health potential thru wellness and nutrition.


Our team will guide you through a personalized comprehensive assessment, including a history, physiological biomarkers, advanced lab testing and metabolic typing. Once we know your specific needs, we will create a specific nutrition plan to help you reach your health goals.


Some of our patient's goals are to prevent diseases like abnormal cholesterol, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.

About Dr. McLaughlin

Dr. Julie McLaughlin practices functional and lifestyle medicine in addition to chiropractic and acupuncture. She has mastered the art of educating people as a means of creating healthier, more vibrant and happier individuals. Her approach addresses the patient's ultimate health goals and how to achieve them. Wellness is not just her career it is her passion and it can be witnessed through her constant pursuit of knowledge in the latest research to help her patients reach their full health potential, saving one heart at a time.


Dr. McLaughlin speaks, blogs, and makes media of all kinds on different health-related topics motivating people to make a better-informed choice about their health. She educates not only her patients, but businesses, corporations, and even other doctors.  


She created the Project Selfy Program to educate practitioners how to transform health with Personalized Functional Medicine/Nutrition through a hands-on training. Dr. McLaughlin believes that through the philosophy of “Learn, Live and Teach Wellness” she can serve more people and save many hearts at a time.  READ MORE