Creating a Functional Life with Functional Wellness


You will learn a reproducible, multidimensional approach to acute and chronic pain/illness management through lifestyle medicine, chiropractic, advanced lab markers and functional nutrition.


Functional Medicine is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory and it empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the desired level of health by addressing the underlying cause of disease.

Online Learning

Adding a new service or product to an existing practice can be daunting. We spent enough time in school learning the hard science and we certainly don't want to re-enroll in a college.


I wanted a quick and easy system to implement functional medicine into a busy practice without breaking the bank with large overhead cost or re-inventing the wheel. The new knowledge had to be practical, profitable and efficient while really making a difference in the health of my patients.  That is why I came up with the VHP method of Functional Medicine. Check out the online courses to find out how you can use this method too!

The nuts and bolts Functional Medicine program to implement immediately without taking college chemistry courses again

Meet Our Team


Dr. Julie McLaughlin has dedicated her career to helping people achieve their optimal health potential thru wellness and nutrition. With this passion, she has expanded her scope to teaching Chiropractors Functional Medicine and Advanced Labs as well.

I've been doing functional medicine for 5 years and I still learned to much!!! The seminar was worth 10 times what we paid for it and the protocols for the nutrition side are amazing.  I can't imagine how many thousands of hours went into creating this program.  We are so excited to get to work tomorrow and implement it!


This Seminar is a MUST! If you want to speak confidently about labs, learn a system to bring patients into the wellness conversation, learn a system to implement in your office tomorrow, learn a marketing system for your social medial, external talks, lunch and learns and more please check out their program.